March 14th: Filets and Fellatio Day

Men will flock to Montreal on March 14th, it is Steak and BJ day. This is the time of the year when a man will be pampered with his favorite meal and a reward after.  Rome was not built in a day, we just have to convince the rest of the women and the world. Enjoy your steak and fellatio. Good luck bros.

Churro Hot-Dog

The Diamondbacks want a captive audience at their baseball games. Introducing the 1,117-Calorie Churro Dog, eat these and you will be permanently glued to their seats. This has to be the best dessert in the desert.

According to's Darren Rovell, the Churro Dog is a "warm cinnamon churro sitting inside a Long John chocolate-glazed donut, which is then topped with frozen yogurt, caramel and chocolate sauces."

Birdman is Crap

You can finally label me as a grumpy old man. I rented Birdman this weekend. It was the crappiest movie I have seen in some time. The drum soundtrack was getting on my nerves. The camera angles made me want to pull my eyes out. I am happy I did not see this movie in the theater. I get it, it was some kind of allegoric ride into self-destruction of a has been washed up actor graving legitimacy as a stage actor.

This is a movie where pretensions art connoisseurs pretend to like something when we all know it is crap but are afraid to come out and say the truth. I hated this movie. Condorman was a much better movie than this.  This cannot be the best movie of the year. What were they smoking?

Leonard Nimoy's Last Tweet

A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory.

I was touched by his last poetic words. It reminded me of Voltaire's Candide. In the end of the book there is a passage about the garden.

 At the end of the novel, Candide and his companions find happiness in raising vegetables in their garden. The symbolic resonance of the garden is rich and multifaceted. As Pangloss points out, it is reminiscent of the Garden of Eden, in which Adam and Eve enjoyed perfect bliss before their fall from God’s grace. However, in Candide the garden marks the end of the characters’ trials, while for Adam and Eve it is the place where their troubles begin. Moreover, in the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve enjoyed the fruits of nature without having to work, whereas the main virtue of Candide’s garden is that it forces the characters to do hard, simple labor. In the world outside the garden, people suffer and are rewarded for no discernible cause. In the garden, however, cause and effect are easy to determine—careful planting and cultivation yield good produce. Finally, the garden represents the cultivation and propagation of life, which, despite all their misery, the characters choose to embrace.

Leonard has finally traversed the final frontier. 

Crayon Sculptures by Hoang Tran

It's an adventure time for Hoang Tran who turns Crayola crayons into sculptures. I love these tiny sculptures, I am very fond of the Hobbes orange Crayola.

Peanuts Movie Poster

Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel meets Schulz's Peanuts movie poster.

Shirting the Issue

When you are a woman. Size does matter. María María Acha-Kutscher illustrates what the skirt length says about the wearer as inspired from Rosea Lake.

Delivering a Package to a Private Residence

I love the convenience of ordering online.  What I do not like is the dispatch who delivers it to my house or lack of. They always claim they rang the doorbell. I have an automatic door ring alarm, it is called my dogs. There is never a bark when he comes to the door. Foiled Mr. UPS guy!  Do not lie to me.

Valentine's Day Release Contract

I went to the florist last night with my daughter to pick the nicest bouquet of flowers for my wife. I pleaded with my daughter not to continue this silly tradition that I have become victim to each year. I am sure every girlfriend and wife each year tells their significant other that they do not want something for Valentine's Day. Guys, it's a trap. Do not go there.

For the few brave enough that will surf those treacherous waters here is an official release contract from Valentine's Day. Be warned if your wife slaves each day for you throughout the year and you present her with this contract, there will be consequences. You might just get an official contract from her lawyer.

On another note I never saw a bigger collection of men this year waiting in line to buy flowers.  Poor saps.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2015

Medusa on swimsuit 2015 edition of Sports Illustrated. It will turn you to stone.