Yoda Found in 14th-Century Manuscript

Seems the force has been around much longer than we thought.  One might think some time traveling artist included the Yoda like figure to screw with us. The 14th-century script tells the tale of biblical Samson.
"The Yoda image comes from a 14th-century manuscript known as the Smithfield Decretals,"

The volume is also known as "The Decretals of Gregory IX with gloss of Bernard of Parma," and it was created in southern France between 1300 and 1340. Decretals, we learned today, are collections of papal letters that compiled decisions (decrees) on church law and doctrine.

20 Pointless Sites

For every useful site there are thousands other pointless sites. Here are twenty sites to waste your time.
1. sometimesredsometimesblue.com
2. cat-bounce.com
3. staggeringbeauty.com
4. zombo.com
5. giantbatfarts.com
6. chickenonaraft.com
7. imaninja.com
8. nullingthevoid.com
9. drunkronswanson.com
10. iamawesome.com
11. beesbeesbees.com
12. crouton.net
13. muchbetterthanthis.com
14. nelson-haha.com
15. wutdafuk.com
16. pleaselike.com
17. patience-is-a-virtue.org
18. colinsgiraffe.com
19. fallingfalling.com
20. heeeeeeeey.com

Star Lord Cake

Cakes are for nerds! Ant Roman from Nerdache Cakes is perhaps the greatest cake decorator on the planet. (don't tell my sister) Her Star Lord cake is just too good to eat. It should be in a display case.

Confessions of A Graghic Designer

Come on fess up, we know you took that image from Google. We know your secrets.  You cannot fool us Mr. Graphic Designer.

How Big Is Big? How Far Is Far?

Sure it's a book for kids to visualize distance, weight and other measurements on this little orb we call earth.
How fast is 120 kilometers per hour? How heavy are 4 tons? Units of measure are abstract—until, that is, they are contrasted with other quantities. The entertaining juxtapositions in How Big Is Big? How Far Is Far? make dimensions and measurements more comprehensible for children.

The book features amusing comparisons that make units of length, distance, weight, speed, volume, and time easier to grasp. The Queen of England’s crown, for example, weighs more than 100 portions of cotton candy. It would take eight days of travel in an elevator through the Earth’s center to reach the other end. When the world’s oldest living tortoise was born, there were no electric lights, telephones, cars, or airplanes.

What Color is Your Poop?

When you do your business and you notice that your poop is a different color, there is only one thing to do. You go to Poop Colors, the site with all poop colors. It is good to know there is a site like this. It is a limited niche market site but it does the job.

The Bacon Stanley Cup

Look what bacon has spawned. The Bacon Stanley Cup? The playoffs are on!

The Daily Artist

I buy many Moleskine sketchbooks that are not worthy of my art. In frustration I rip my pages at times and make a mess out of the books. Marc Johns has made it more interesting with his creative journal that you can draw on his illustrated sketchbook. There are no rules as he points out in the intro to his book.


Hillvetica: Hillary Clinton Logo Typeface 

Designer Rick Wolff who was inspired by Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential run logo, created an entire uppercase alphabet for a typeface he's calling Hillvetica.


The Dick Tracy era is here. Will we be watching our watches just like our other gadgets? Time will tell.